Friday, July 22, 2016

The Account of David Stonehouse, Exile

I am pleased to confirm that copies of limited edition chapbook "The Account of David Stonehouse, Exile" are still available from Dim Shores

"David Stonehouse" is a long novella of 31,000 words: a found document of indeterminate providence, a tale of grief and repression, an unconventional ghost story and meditation on loneliness and exile, the spirit and the flesh.

The chapbook itself is beautiful, featuring stunning cover and interior artwork courtesy of the talented Steve G Santiago. Dim Shores have truly outdone themselves here, and I could not be more pleased or proud of the final product. 

Note that this is a limited edition and as such is almost certain to sell out. At last count there were less than 20 copies remaining so if the novella is of interest to you I might recommend ordering soon. 

You can purchase the novella direct from the publisher here – or if you’re “local” as the League of Gentlemen might say – pick one up at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier.

And in other news...

I was recently interviewed by Jonathan Raab at Muzzleland Press as part of their new “Faithful Frighteners” series. FF has to be one of the more interesting series of its kind and I had a great time talking doom, gloom, and redemption. Other interviewees to date have included authors Scott R Jones (Martian Migraine Press) and Tom Breen (Orford Parish Books) as well as Leeman Kessler of Ask Lovecraft fame. Check it out here.

And going back to March – so long ago now I suppose it scarcely qualifies as “news” – I was also featured as a guest on new horror podcast The Horror of Nachos & Hamantaschen with authors JR Hamantaschen (You Shall Never Know Security) and Derek Sotak (Recipes from the Nachonomicon). N&H offers a decidedly irreverent approach to the horror genre and the co-hosts' rapport with one another is delightful. You can listen to “Vermont's Favorite Son” here.